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What is Saeko?

Saeko is a school manager and communication platform that helps schools to manage their information so they can focus all their resources on children’s education.

I'm Administrator

I'm an Administrator

Saeko saves you time, avoid mistakes and improves your processes by having all the information you need in one place.

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I'm Teacher

I'm a Teacher

Organise and monitor the progress of your students within one place, Saeko helps you to focus on student learning.

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I'm Student

I'm a Student

Saeko gives you full access to the all the information you need from wherever you are.

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I'm parent

I'm Family

Saeko increases your communication with the school and gives you visibility on your child’s education.

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Have everything you need within one solution

  • Student portal and profiles management
  • Real-time attendance kiosk
  • Teacher portal, and profiles management
  • Administration portals and management
  • Roll call marking
  • Timetabling and class scheduling
  • Online payment transactions
  • Resource and curriculum planning
  • Messages and Notifications
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Student progress reporting
  • Family app and portal
  • Digital portfolios for activities
  • Online grading and marking
  • Attendance dashboards and reporting
  • Student well being and behaviour management
  • Students enrolment and applications management
  • Financials, payment plans, late fees and scholarships
  • Document management and sharing
  • API and internal systems integrations