Saeko with Google Apps for Education

Written by Jose Carlos Lopez and published in Administrator, (1913 times)


We're always working to offer you solutions for efficient administration and we've taken this to the next level by integrating the productivity tools that Google offers to school and institutions. These tools are a set of communication and collaboration applications which include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Classrooms and Sites.

Is there a benefit?

Yes, implementing Saeko not only gives you the option to use these digital tools, but you'll also be creating a strong collaborative learning environment with clear communication channels amongst your institution's education community. We're helping you improve school management so you can focus on teaching and learning resources.

What does this integration offer us?

Gmail - emails for your community
Saeko has integrated with the services of GAFE to provide a simplified process to institutions, so you are able to send emails to students and teachers within the domain of the school (

Drive - file storage
Saeko has integrated with the Drive solution; a file storage system which allows institutions to maintain and organise a portfolio of student activities at no cost and without limits.

Saeko Digital Portfolios
We've made it easy for teachers to organise their classes and student work through one click! Copying or sharing a file (with permissions) in this portfolio is extremely simple, and saves teachers up to 20 minutes per activity.

Saeko Family App
Families now have full transparency on their child(ren)'s education with Saeko. View their Digital Portfolio, log absences, receive direct communication from the institution and more. It's a free download from the app store, easy to use and simple to set up.

The services offered by GAFE are:

  • Gmail: offers 30 GB of storage for each user. It allows the creation of personalised email accounts with the domain of the institution.
  • Calendar: allows to manage class schedules, academic meetings, school councils, educational teams, events and more.
  • Drive: You can manage documents in the cloud, this includes; spreadsheets, notes, presentations, forms and folders, as well as sharing them with other users.
  • Docs: Students can collaborate on their work with the use of drive to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Meetings: Use text chat for quick questions and Hangouts for group video calls, virtual class hours.
  • Sites: Create a website for your class, your team or a project with our simple site creation tool.

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