Why do schools need a School Management System?

Written by Jose Carlos Lopez and published in Administrator, (1419 times)

With technology advancing so quickly and the education industry becoming increasingly competitive, school management systems are facilitating excellence in school operations with student academic success.

So what other reasons are there, for a school needing a school management system?

  • 1. Community building; parents are increasingly involved in their child(ren)'s education. Saeko has a Family app which gives families access to their child(ren)'s attendance, timetables and school work. Plus the school has the ability to send reports, newsletters and messages.
  • 2. Personalised reporting; no need to sit and write comments for each child. Saeko allows you to personally comment on each child, and automatically adds this to the report which will generate from Saeko and digitally sent directly to the parent.
  • 3. Paper saving; as with the reporting, all functions within Saeko are paperless. We're helping schools save money on paper every year, and it's educating the communities involved.
  • 4. Effective administration; any school management solution should allow for robust school administration. Strength in these operations allows you to concentrate on other areas, Saeko's goal is for you to be able to concentrate on teaching and learning.

If you need advice or assistance with school management solutions, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!