We understand the limited time teachers have on a daily basis, in and outside the classroom. Marking, grading and commenting on each student activity can be a timely task especially if you have more than one subject to teach. There are market solutions which can focus in on each of these tasks, but why have several solutions when you can have one? Saeko keeps everything in one place.

Furthermore, we have features which allow you to permit your colleagues to support you when it comes to grading, marking and commenting. And when it comes to those termly and end of year reports, we have you covered - all your grading is automatically combined into a report along with key areas (such as attendance and well-being) and then digitally retrieved by the student family. This is all done through our apps and portals.

Customers choose Saeko for the premium VIP service and the proven efficiencies of our all-in-one cloud platform; for more information view this brochure here.

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