How often are students late for school? How many visitors come to your institution? The management of these issues can be complicated and time-consuming. Saeko has developed a platform that helps administration staff attend to these types of daily tasks saving up to an hour of work each day.

A common problem in primary schools is the attendance record of students who are late. Currently, students sign in through an attendance book in the administration office or in some cases the teacher has to do it. They may be in the middle of an activity, and it is complex to return to the computer to register the delayed attendance of the student.

Each day the attendance book in the administration office may record 30 students, accounting for at least 30 minutes of lost time. Saeko overcomes this inefficiency by providing a kiosk where students can register their late arrival and record it in the roll in real time.

With Saeko, you can always refer to a list of all the students who have arrived and signed in through the kiosk, in addition to having an emergency list that allows you to know at any time all people on site in the institution.

Use of teacher attendance portals

In the device where students record their late arrivals/early departures, visitors can also be registered without any interruption to the working environment of the office.

Visitors register their entry by providing information from a simple form required details being name, company and reason for the visit. When registering their departure, they just select their name from a list.

Inside the Kiosk, you will always have a visitors report on a daily or monthly basis.

With Saeko, it is very easy to put your institution at the forefront. If you are interested in implementing Saeko in your school, do not hesitate to contact us.