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Better communication with parents.

The use of mobile devices has become our main point of Internet access, surpassing personal computers. Communication is diversified through the use of mobiles in daily activities such as entertainment and internet browsing, with people spending most of their time using applications.

Saeko has been developing a group of applications and web platforms for all types of communication between your educational community (students, teachers and administrative staff) to reduce time and effort.

Now Saeko has generated the App for family members where the priority is direct communication with parents, enabling them to get directly involved with the institution. In this way, the students, school administrators, teachers and tutors will be in the same communication channel.

What are the functions of Saeko Family?

As a parent, you can get real-time information about your child (ren) through notifications, interactive messages and newsletters. You will even have the possibility to download documents. Moreover, the App will announce events, days of meetings and the school agenda as well as inform you about extracurricular activities. Finally, you will have the alternative to visualise the qualifications of your child (ren) knowing the performance that they had during the school year.

How is the interaction with Saeko Family?

With notifications, Saeko allows you to interact instantly with your child(ren)’s activities within the institution. You can advise the teacher and administrative staff that you know what is happening with the click of a button. The App design is simple and intuitive, allowing users to optimise usability and navigate from their device with ease.

What benefits do you get from using Saeko Family?

  • Real-time information on events, important dates and school activities
  • Streamlined communication
  • A personal data storage
  • Faster and easier access to your child(ren)'s essential information
  • Intuitive design and navegation
  • Reduced paperwork