Saeko helps you improve control over finances and allows you to get up-to-date information on the individual student portfolio. This module contains reports of financial importance such as: total debts, total income, income for payment and income projections.

The generation of these reports helps the financial strategy within your institution and enables you to build tuition plans according to your standards and business expectations, allowing you to achieve your goals with income stream, levels of collection and control of discounts: scholarships or donations.

One benefit of the Saeko finance module is the projection report which indicates the total income that is projected to be received at the end of the cycle and the behaviour of tuition payments. These reports will allow you to better manage the financial resources of the institution, providing relevant information for decision making: investing cash, organising events and investing in infrastructure.

Some of the functions of the Finance module are:

  • Generate payment portfolios per student
  • Report on financials across the entire institution
  • Automatic notifications to students
  • Create payment plans
  • Generate automatic surcharges and discounts for prompt payment
  • Electronic billing
  • Print payment forms

Saeko is working to give you the best tools to help you carry out your tasks and take better control of your institution.

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