Saeko is designed to automate and simplify school management tasks in relation to the institution's needs: planning, student control, grades, personnel control, payment portfolios, etc., so schools can offer a better service to students, teachers and parents.


The administration module is a section where the entire academic operation and the personal information of the students are concentrated. All of its sub-categories store specific information, such as: details, registration and status processes, qualifications, issue of documents such as tickets, report cards and certificates, incident control and messaging. This is all concentrated in a single module, with connection to student and teacher portals, as well as having a series of reports available for consultation and improving decision making within the school control area.

Amongst the main reports are:

  • Student Population
  • Student List
  • Directory
  • Assists
  • Scholarships

Each personal information profile of the student consists of: address, telephone, age, medical data, family, listed documents requested in their enrolment, CURP, RFC, etc.

In addition, you will be able to find functionalities as: credential printing, registrations and scholarship assignment.

Saeko has proven to effectively help schools manage and obtain reports, information, finances, plus optimise and save time for all personnel.

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