Teachers - this is how a School Management System should help you

Written by Jose Carlos Lopez and published in Teachers, (1304 times)

So your school is implementing a school management system (SMS); find out here, what it is and what it should do for you.

There's no doubt there are many SMS' in the market - so what do they do?

A school management system is designed to facilitate paperless operations and administration across your school. School software varies, however those that are most effective will include the following at its core; student academic history, roll-call marking, attendance reporting, resource and curriculum planning, payment management (trips, excursions, scholarships etc).

Most suppliers are now providing cloud-based solutions, rather than opting for installing server-based systems which require heavy set up. Cloud-based solutions allow for easy connectivity across the school and also allows access outside of school. For example, students can access their timetable at home through an app.

As the market of SMS' develop with more suppliers and the education industry matures, the addition of modules such as Family apps and attendance kiosks are becoming more prevalent.

So how should a school management solution help you as a teacher?

SMS' vary amongst suppliers, however, for you as a teacher they should do the following:

  • 1. Not be a burden. These solutions concentrate on administration and operations, it should result in less paperwork for you not creating more!
  • 2. Easy to use. Everybody learns at a different pace, however as a user, you should be able to 'up and go' after a couple of training sessions.
  • 3. Save you time. If the system is easy to use and reduces paperwork, you should see a time-saving result. It's not an immediate effect, but you should recognise time savings.

If you need advice or assistance with school management solutions, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!