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Educators! Make the most of Twitter!

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Social media has definitely made its way as a permanent fixture of our every day lives - here are the top 5 ways to make the most of your Twitter account!

  1. Collaborate: Co-author blogs, share ideas and resources!
  2. Hashtags: Themes, common works and trending topics are covering in just a few works. Why not try #EdTech to get a conversation started?/li>
  3. Knowledge: Share what you know with others; influence and motivate them. Plus learn from others!
  4. Resources
  5. Tweet: Interact with others by tweeting to your followers!
  6. Re-Tweets: It’s just as important as a tweet! Re-tweet items which you feel others would like to read. And use those #hashtags!

So give it a go! Saeko is on Twitter to, find us here